Healing Imagery Meditation


Sit in Easy Pose with spine straight and relaxed.

Mudra: Place the hands flat on the heart center, left under, right over.

Eyes: Close the eyes.

Mantra: Chant with the recording And Sang Wahe Guru by Nirhjan Kaur.

Ang Sang What-Hay Guru

Meditative Visualization

Become fully present. Begin to focus on the Heart Center. This is a special center. It is called the Hirday Chakra. Your heart beats there. It is your pace of life. It has a strong electromagnetic field that eliminates itself into neutrality by its own rhythmical patterns.

Imagine that you are hypnotizing yourself. Become aware, alert, present and relaxed. Bring all of your attention to a very small, single tiny ray of platinum light. That ray is circling you. It is very bright, distinct, white, shiny, platinum light. A circling ray that moves incredibly fast and smooth around your body.

Now make it two rays. Three. Four. Now a multitude that covers your entire being. There is a ray for every one of your ten trillion cells! You are light swirling and communicating between every cell, each with its own intelligence. They are moving faster, faster, with infinite fastness. Keep imagining deeper, and deeper and deeper.

Keep this imagery. It is Wahe Guru with every molecule and part of the molecule, every atom of you. This is the exact imagery of the mantra And Sang Wahe Guru. It is a Panj Shabd of five sounds that command the elements.

Time: No specified time.

To end: Inhale. Press on the Heart Center. Exhale. Relax.

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