Expanding DoTerra in the Philippines


Aromatherapy has been an integrated part of CHAC Massage 

Training since 1995. DoTerra Essential Oils are used extensively in our massage program. Besides offering a wide variety of high-quality essential oil products, DoTerra also offers user-friendly educational materials, aromatherapy instructional protocols, easily accessed scientific research, and production transparency regarding the cultivation, distillation, testing, and marketing of DoTerra Essential Oils.

DōTERRA is known internationally for its community and humanitarian projects especially in 3rd world countries to help people across our planet…projects such as building hospitals, constructing schools, initiating water access projects, earth-friendly/organic plant culture practices and more.   

We are leaving for the Philippines in early January to create a team of individuals willing to introduce healing possibilities by way of dōTERRA products. DōTERRA has created a generous relationship marketing structure offering an incentive for healing through co-operation and shared prosperity. 

Click here to discover the incredible healing products offered by dōTERRAClick here to sign up either as a Wellness Advocate or as a Wholesale Customer to acquire dōTERRA products at 10-30% discount! 

Contact Sue Beck for more information on dōTERRA as well as opportunities nationally and internationally, with a special focus on the growing interest of dōTERRA in the Philippines.

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