Kundalini Yoga Crestone Workshops

21 Stages of Meditation

With Sue Beck-Retuta
(Karta Purkh Kaur)
and Khushbir Singh

September 1 through
September 7, 2019,
 Crestone Healing Arts Center

Kundalini Yoga Workshop in Maui

February 2nd and 3rd, 2019. Details to be announced. 

Zero Balancing: Core

with Facilitator Joanna Johnson, May 30-June 2, 2019.
For information on Zero Balancing visit www.zerobalancing.com.
Contact Joanna at 719-480-2845 or by email at: jo@turningaspens.com or by visiting www.turningaspens.com

This is the first course of the Core Zero Balancing curriculum and introduces the intellectual and practical framework of the art and science of Zero Balancing. Instructors provide a detailed study guide, clear presentations, and demonstrations of Zero Balancing. In practice sessions, students experience both how to perform Zero Balancing and how Zero Balancing feels to receive.

You Will Learn:

  • The basic Zero Balancing protocol
  • Theory and principles of ZB
  • To distinguish body energy and body structure through touch
  • The skill of using energy as a working tool
  • The energetic anatomy of the skeleton
  • The theory and application of fulcrums
  • How to give a ZB session

Held at the Crestone Healing Arts Center. Housing available onsite. 

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