5 Amazing Healing Products
Available Through Crestone Healing Arts Center

dōTerra Health Products

 Aromatherapy has been an integrated part of CHAC Massage Training since 1995. dōTERRA offers more than excellent Essential Oils to promote health and well being. Click here to discover the incredible healing products offered by dōTERRA. Click here to sign up either as a Wellness Advocate or as a Wholesale Customer to acquire doTERRA products at 10-30% discount! Contact Sue Beck for more information on dōTERRA and upcoming opportunities in the international market.

EHT is a revolutionary supplement shown to strengthen neural connections, enhance healthier synaptic neurotransmitter transmission, and repair damaged neural circuitry. Significant healing results have been reported among Dementia, Brain Trauma, Alzheimer’s sufferers.  Click here for a YouTube presentation on EHT.

Youth Factor is a proprietary super food and vitality blend made up of highly concentrated nutrients, anti-oxidants, and enzymes synergistically engineered to powerfully optimize mitochondrial function. Youth Factor comes in an easily ingested pill and powder packet – ideal for those needing a high energy boost while ‘on the go’.
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QRS-101 Home System

The QRS-101 Home System: Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Mat promotes deep cellular regeneration and revitalization. Click here for a list of the 8 major benefits of PEMF Therapy quoted from PEMF authority Myers. Click here to access the QRS website. Contact Crestone Healing Arts Center to inquire about a discount off the online price on a new QRS PEMF mat.

CBD – Cannabidiol Hemp Oil with Prime My Body

Click on the following links for three highly informative links on the healing benefits of CBD Hemp Oil: 


Prime My Body’s CBD is uniquely formulated using nanosuspension technology to enhance two important determinants for Hemp Oil’s therapeutic effects- rapid cellular absorption and a higher concentration per dose for increased cellular availability – surpassing other Hemp Oils sold in today’s retail outlets.


Incredible Crestone Properties For Sale

A variety of properties are available in Crestone’s Baca Grande 

Development Area. The reasonably priced lots vary in acreage.
All boast incredible views of the Sangre de Cristos and the San Luis Valley.
Contact Part-Time Real Estate Broker, Sue Beck, at 719-588-3373 for more information.